Italian specialist in sealing solution for ball valves of oil and gas sector since 2009. Inside technology of ball valve is our strong point, founded on engineering, production and assistance with a continuous innovation process. In our 5.000 sqm Italian plant we specialize in in-house manufacturing of ball and seats from ½” to 60” in an extensive range of sealing solutions and materials. As support of technical aspects, care in managing relationships is a constitutive element of our way of being.

About 1

Thanks to the important know-how and experience of our technical department, we work at the service of our customers and we can guarantee the assistance needed to face all possible requirements, proposing the solutions and materials suitable for consignment required by the customers.

About 1

We believe that assistance and after-sales must be consider as an integral part of our product.

We support our customer in the after-sales, offering our technical service, thanks to our strong knowledge of the valve as a whole. We solve the customer’s problems beyond involving our product. Our technical team have ability to collect previous experiences and to map customers’ particular situations, so we can return our fund of useful knowledge and share with customers. We grant resolution of the technical questions, going everywhere, without time limits and with an immediate availability.

About 3

A.V.V. works with reliability and with no limiting ourselves to achieve the prefixed goals never feeling satisfied.

A.V.V is a team always ready to collaborate with customers and colleagues rowing all in the same direction to produces prosperity to the company and to all our customers.
We aim to show ourselves up at worldwide level for our high intrinsic added value and for elevated performances of our products.

in Italy

We approach the most faraway area and we work with the major ball valve manufacturers located everywhere in the world.

For this reason, we export all around the world up to 80% of our turnover.

AVV in China

AVV Nantong, founded in 2019, is specializing in supply of seats and balls for ball valves.

In our 2.500 mq2 production Chinese plant, we can supply a complete range of products for all ball valves manufacturers as body, closures, stems, gaskets; with a particular care to our core business: seats and balls.

Furthermore, hard sealing and soft sealing solutions for ball valves and technical support are for us very important.

Our production plant is dedicated both to Asian customers and to all valve manufacturers located all over the world.

Our very strict quality system and our high commitment quality control team grant us to supervise supplier’s raw material quality and as well our own production quality, offering to our customer a higher quality product.

Striving for excellence; win-win cooperation and innovation are our columns on which we are building our company and in which all members of our team believe.