Devotion and spirit of sacrifice, during our activity, described the entrepreneurial path and these distinguishing features characterized each AVV skilled/ hard workers. These acute factors give everyone the opportunity to signify their potential at one’s best and achieve their task; the determination in problems solving, as a spirit of service, and the desire to grow.



We consider ourselves a community in which the various talents can develop their skills to always place them at disposal of all the company’s stakeholders.



Respect for us means performing one's tasks with fairness and humility, respecting roles, duties, environments and equipment.


Collaboration - Teamwalking

We are a team always ready for collaboration with customers and colleagues. We are all rowing in the same direction to bring benefits to the company and to all our customers.



Continue to enrich one's knowledge to improve competence and making others grow transferring own skills.

Feeling like to improve and being open to the new, approaching change as a way to advance.



At AVV, responsibility does not end in the performance of the individual's job, we work as a team to always complete our work efficiently and effectively.